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Welcome to the documentation page. Our aim is complete transparency on how we conduct our analysis. Please be aware some elements of this page are still under construction. If you spot anything you think we might be missing, please get in touch at [email protected]

Margin Of Safety

Market Cap

5 Year EPS Growth %

Price To Free Cash Flow Ratio

P/E Ratio

Price to Book Ratio

Current Ratio

% Annualized Dilution 5 Year

Recent Stock Buybacks/Sales

Dividend Payout Ratio %

5 Year Free Cash Flow Growth %

1 Year Free Cash Flow Growth %

Return on Free Cash Flow %

Fair Value Price

Dividend Yeild

5 Year Average Dividend Yeild

Shares Outstanding

Forward P/E Ratio

Price/Cash Ratio

1 Year EPS Growth %

5 Year Revenue Growth %

1 Year Revenue Growth %

Return on Investments %

Return on Equity %

Return on Assets %

Quick Ratio

Debt To Equity Ratio

LT Debt To Equity Ratio

Profit Margin %

Debt To Total Capital Ratio

PEG Ratio

52 Week High

52 Week Low

% Bellow 52 Week High

% Above 52 Week Low

Return on Capital Employed %

Ebitda Ratio

Operating Income Ratio

Net Income Ratio

Gross Profit Ratio

FCF Margin

Last Years Average Stock Price

Last Years Average Market Cap

Earnings Per Share

Value Score

Growth Score

Financial Score

Total Score

Altman Z Score

Piotroski Score

Analyst Score

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