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Founder Thoughts: My Experience with Community-Driven Product Development

Founder Thoughts: My Experience with Community-Driven Product Development

By Tom Turner - Wed Jan 11 2023 - 1 min read

When I started building my stock portfolio analysis tool, I knew that I wanted it to be a community-driven project

I wanted to create something that truly served the needs of the users and provided value to them. I also knew that I wanted to be transparent about my progress and share my journey with others. So, I decided to build in public.

Building in public

Building in public for me, meant sharing my progress on social media, discussing my development process with other creators, and being open to feedback from users. It was a little scary to put my work out there before it was fully polished, but it turned out to be the best decision I could make.

One of the ways I did this was by actively seeking out feedback from online communities, specifically Facebook groups. I found that it was challenging to find groups that were truly valuable, but after joining 20-30 groups, I finally found 3 that were truly valuable for me. These groups have provided me with a wealth of input and helped me to improve my product.

Transparency Is Important

Being transparent about your progress and open to feedback can help you create a better product that truly serves the needs of your users. Finding and participating on good online communities to get feedback is hard but it's worth it. And, if you’re worried about the ‘imperfections’ being shown before the product is ready, remember that a product that is in constant improvement is better than one that was never released.


Crush The Market

Published Wed Jan 11 2023

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