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F.N.B. Corporation

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Currency in USD2021
Revenue1.24 Billion
Cost Of Revenue0.00
Gross Profit0.00
Gross Profit Ratio0.00
Research And Development Expenses0.00
General And Administrative Expenses507.00 Million
Selling And Marketing Expenses14.00 Million
Selling General And Administrative Expenses521.00 Million
Other Expenses0.00
Operating Expenses0.00
Cost And Expenses0.00
Interest Income1.00 Billion
Interest Expense98.00 Million
Depreciation And Amortization10.00 Million
Ebitda611.00 Million
Operating Income0.00
Operating Income Ratio0.00
Total Other Income Expenses Net0.00
Income Before Tax503.00 Million
Income Before Tax Ratio0.41
Income Tax Expense98.00 Million
Net Income405.00 Million
Net Income Ratio0.33
Weighted Average Shs Out323.22 Million
Weighted Average Shs Out Dil323.22 Million
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